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Catch Up With Cocktail Week Coverage; Dueling Beefsteaks

COCKTAIL WEEK—See all of Eater DC's massive Cocktail Week coverage here. Highlights include a Barmini photo essay, Eater writers embarrassing themselves by ordering fancy cocktails in dive bars, an investigation into booking reservations at D.C. speakeasies, and a map of D.C.'s 20 iconic dive bars. Cocktail Week maps list the best place for mocktails, cocktails on tap, scotch cocktails, barrel-aged cocktails and much more.

POP-UPS—Top Chef veteran Marcel Vigneron is opening his own vegetable-focused fast-casual place called Beefsteak — which bears the same name as José Andrés's upcoming fast-casual vegetarian restaurant. Vigneron staged a pop-up to promote Beefsteak at Bearnaise this week.

COCKTAIL WEEK—Do hurry up and try all the cool special cocktails for this week only at five area bars.

COCKTAIL WEEK—A poll to see whether drinkers really care about fancy ice or not.

MENUWIRE—What's the deal with hyped-up menu items that disappear in no time at all?

CHEF SHUFFLES—Chef Will Artley is leaving Falls Church pizza destination Pizzeria Orso.

FOOD TRUCK WIRE—Coming soon to the streets of Washington: Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken just got permits to operate in D.C.

BLOOMINGDALE—See the fire pole at new restaurant Washington Firehouse, housed in a historic building.