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Hobbit-Like Mushroom House of Bethesda is Yours For $1.2M

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We're unsure of if this home was inspired by JRR Tolkien's works, but this Bethesda home is now on the market for any potential buyers who have a taste for the strange, the whimsical, and the polyurethane foam coating. The Mushroom House became viral two years ago and has been featured in the book Weird Maryland by Matt Lake and Bethesda Magazine. With an asking price of $1.2 million, the home includes four beds, three baths, and 3,700-square-feet of fantasty-like real estate. Owners Edward and Frances Garfinkle bought the home in 1967 and in a three-year renovation designed by Roy Mason, transformed it into a quirky landmark with oval windows, 30-foot ceilings, and swooping polystucco curves. After building the home of their dreams, Edward Garfinkle said, "One good thing is that it probably slows the traffic down on our street. The cars don't go flying by as much as in the rest of the neighborhood. It's better than a speed bump."

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