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$800K Hard-Not-to-Love Brookland Townhome Hits the Market

On the outside, it seems like just another townhouse, but on the inside, it looks like the Brookland home of either one of the most distinguished English professors or one of the coolest twenty-somethings with a passion for floral couches and China vases. For $799,000 with $122 monthly HOA dues, this four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom townhome just landed on the market with amenities like a private terrace, a fully finished library, and a fireplace with a glass partition separating it between the living room and the deck. For each room, the colors are either bright and cheery with cerulean blues and lime greens, or they're reserved with the dark, rich colors of the hardwood flooring and wooden cabinetry. It's hard to know what to expect after a while when scrolling through the gallery of photos, but each room has so much hard-not-to-love personality that it almost doesn't matter.

· 561 Regent Plaza, NE [Redfin]