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Preservation League Fighting for 2014 Most Endangered Places

[Photo via DC Preservation League]
History may be lost if these historic places go extinct. The D.C. Preservation League announced the 2014 Most Endangered Places in Washington, D.C. and is currently working to make sure none go extinct due to alterations or demolitions. Already, the Preservation League has combated the possible redevelopment of the 100-year-old Carnegie Library. The library was in the planning stages to become the International Spy Museum's new location, but the Preservation League deemed the plans "incompatible" due to the museum's hope to more than double the size of the building.

This year's six endangered locations include the Anacostia Commercial Corridor, Carnegie Library, West Heating Plant, Washington Canoe Club, St. Elizabeth's East Agricultural Complex, and 911 and 913 L Street, NW. Each of the places in the Preservation League's annual list must hit on at least one of three points to be deemed significant: history, culture, or architecture. Check out the full list to see each place's history and reasons for endangerment.
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Georgetown Heating Plant

1051 29th St. NW , Washington, DC 20007