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Jefferson Memorial Ceiling Collapsed and No One Noticed

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Despite the Thomas Jefferson Memorial's roof collapsing in April, major news sources didn't find out about it until just recently. A five-foot-long, three-foot-wide chunk of limestone fell from the front porch-like part of the ceiling due to water damage from malfunctioning gutters. Thankfully, no one was injured, but tragically there have yet to be any photos to appear online of the past rubble.

Expect additional repairs to the ceiling as well as netted barriers sectioning around parts that may be less stable. No word yet on how much repairs to the ceiling cost in April. Updates are still ongoing, and the only additional information reported from the National Park Service staff so far has been that the event occurred during "the early morning hours."

The last major renovation for the Jefferson Memorial was the reconstruction of the sea wall between the memorial and the Tidal Basin for more than $12 million.
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- Michelle Goldchain