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Washington Tops List for Best ZIP Code in America

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The number one best ZIP code to live in America is right here in Washington. If you live in ZIP code 20004, congratulations because you top the list of a total 28,061 ZIP codes analyzed by Movoto Real Estate. The data that was analyzed to rank ZIP codes were from the U.S. Census' American Community Survey as well as seven criteria. Be sure to check out Movoto's interactive map to see how you ranked.

Any ZIP codes that didn't report data for all seven criteria were omitted. The criteria included median household income, unemployment rate, commute time, median rent, median house worth, high school graduation rate, and families below the poverty line. When analyzed, the ZIP code, 20004, had a median household income of $131,111 and a mere 1.93 percent unemployment rate. Some highlights in the area include Ford's Theatre and the International Spy Museum.

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- Michelle Goldchain