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A "Green" Paintball Field May Soon Come to Fairfax

Northern Virginia, are you ready to play paintball? Two Fairfax landowners have decided to turn the 200 acres that they inherited into Castle Creek Paintball. The Waters couple are still waiting on final permit approval, but they envision keeping the trees on their play area, selling eco-friendly paint and not allowing the carbon dioxide gun cartridges. Currently, most of the area's paintball fields are in Maryland, with the closest Virginia option, Pev's Paintball, requiring a trip out to Aldie. Pev's also provides its own paintballs that are biodegradable and meet environmental standards, but the FAQ states no limitation on what kind of guns can be used. Virginia readers, if this comes to fruition, would you go?
· Fairfax landowners choose paintball over McMansions [WBJ]