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Interesting and Exclusive Tidbits About 2013's Top Ten Sales

It's official, MRIS has released the information for the top ten sales in the D.C. area for 2013. Of course in addition to posting a gallery of the gargantuan properties, it was necessary to look for a few trends and fun facts about these expensive sales. Take a look at what closed, what didn't and where to find these pricey palatial places. Here's a hint: half are in the same neighborhood!

The home in McLean with the most bedrooms was not the highest seller. The 12 bedroom/13 bathroom Colonial home sold for a hefty $9.3 million, but the house that beat it out as the most expensive sale only had six bedrooms and ten bathrooms. Yes, only six. That expensive home sold for $12 million.

September was a good month to close on expensive houses. Three of the homes on this list, the ones coming in at #4, #8 and #9, all closed in September. The homes that came in at #2 and #3 closed in March and the home that took the top spot came in late in the year, closing on December 4th.

Georgetown is home to half of these exorbitant houses. In fact, only three of these top selling homes (including the top two) were sold outside of the District. The two other D.C. homes are in Massachusetts Heights. No Maryland homes slid into the top ten. Sorry, Potomac.

Most of these homes sold within a one million dollar range. The list topped out at $12 million and wrapped up with a sale at almost $6.5 million but six of the homes on this list sold between $7-$8 million.

Some of these expensive homes look awfully familiar. The home at #2 in McLean topped the list of expensive closings back in March. The N Street home that came in at #7 made an appearance during 2013's Whale Week. That home at #5 is the former home of the Bank of Georgetown founder Curt Winsor and the current home of Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank. The Great Falls home has actually been on the market since February 2012 and the Georgetown home at #9 was also one of the most expensive listings on back in July. Which leads to the following realization...

Most of the most exorbitant listings noted in the past year have not yet sold. The Patterson Mansion is still technically under contract, so that $26 million sale is not yet complete. The two buildings taking up the Textile Museum are still for sale. So is the $10 million Bethesda home of Lyn Rales. In fact of D.C.'s ten most expensive listings from July, only one has closed.

The Patterson Mansion

1645 31ST STREET NW, Washington, D.C.