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Top Ten D.C. Neighborhoods for Exercise Lovers

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Have you checked out any of the Fitness Week posts over at our sister site Racked DC? After reading their posts about wacky workouts, CrossFit locations and deals on running and yoga apparel, it wasn't difficult to get in the athletic spirit. It seemed like most of the yoga centers were clustered in close proximity in neighborhoods like Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan and Logan Circle. Is that true of all workout options? We counted up the number of yoga studios, crossfit studios, gyms, Capital Bikeshare stops and dance studios in any given neighborhood. Here are the ten neighborhoods that showed up repeatedly when it came to a wealth of fitness options.


Georgetown actually has five gyms, more than any other neighborhood except for Farragut Square. There are also a handful of yoga studios and it houses one of the only seasonal ice rinks in the city. But when it closes, Volta Park Pool will open and joggers and cyclists will be visible all along the C&O Canal.

Dupont Circle

In addition to their five yoga studios (more than anyone else), they have three dance studios, five gyms (one of which is a CrossFit gym) and five nearby Bikeshare stations. Dupont residents may be rich in takeout options but they also work them off!

Foggy Bottom

Those George Washington students must really want to keep off the freshman (or sophomore or junior) fifteen! There are a whopping thirteen nearby Bikeshare stations and five gyms, including a CrossFit option.

Farragut Square

This neighborhood is filled with more offices than apartments, but perhaps that's why there are also so many gyms. It's possible to go to one of the five before or after a work day, regardless of whether you biked into one of the nearby Bikeshare stations. There's also one yoga studio.

Capitol Hill

With three standard gyms, two yoga studios, a dance studio and a CrossFit studio, 2011's neighborhood of the year isn't saturated with solely one exercising option. Also, there are a whopping eleven Bikeshare stations. Pass by one and you'll certainly see a wealth of people walking dogs, as well.

Logan Circle

Logan Circle also has a little bit of everything for your exercising desires. If one of the four gyms or two additional CrossFit gyms aren't your speed, you can go to one of the two dance studios.

Adams Morgan

There are several options in this nightlife center to help you work off that regret-filled Jumbo Slice. There are two yoga studios although, one, Stroga, also teaches strength training, kick boxing and capoeira. There are also a whopping four gyms and eight nearby Bikeshare stations.

Atlas District

Not only is the Atlas District about two have two CrossFit studios within five blocks, but it's easy to bike into one of the eleven Bikeshare stations, there's also a gym of the non-CrossFit variety, a dance studio and two yoga studios. Furthermore, the Rosedale recreation center and pool is not far away.

Glover Park

This neighborhood is just far west of Georgetown and Dupont Circle where in it would help to have their own set of options. And options they have! One CrossFit studio, three gyms and a brand new yoga studio courtesy of Yoga District.

Columbia Heights

With a rec center, three gyms, one dance studio and one yoga studio, this neighborhood has a wealth of fitness options. Also, there are good bike lanes on 14th street and 11th Street.
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