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Update on (Lack of) Progress on Car-less Logan Circle Units

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As of now, the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) is unimpressed with the vehemently car-less parking plan accompanying a proposed building of Logan Circle micro-units. The proposed development on Church Street turned some heads in May when developers Brook Rose and Gregg Busch announced that they wanted no parking for their building. What's more, the developers said they'd write into the lease agreement that residents would not be allowed resident parking permits and that they'd check in with the DMV periodically to make sure residents complied. The BZA wants to see something in writing from the DMV as proof that this will actually occur. They've also stated that providing only the first few residents with credits for bike and care sharing programs isn't going far enough.

Here's where this gets weird. Back in May it looked like this building would be something of a pioneer in car-free living in a city where parking minimums remain a part of the zoning laws. But since that announcement, a completely separate development south of U Street has gotten the green light from the BZA for an awfully similar sounding plan. To review: the 14th & Wallach complex will have no parking, block tenants from getting resident parking permits and provide credits for bike and car sharing programs. Sounds familiar. So, why is this Logan Circle complex having a much harder time?
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