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It's Official! Atlantic Plumbing Project Will Get a Movie Theater!

[Rendering of Atlantic Plumbing cinema courtesy of Landmark Theatres]

Get ready to indulge on popcorn, U Street, you're officially getting a movie theater! As far back as October 2012, the Atlantic Plumbing Project next to the 9:30 Club had spoken of its intention to house a six screen indie theater amongst its apartments and subsidized artist studios. Well, that intention will become a reality as Landmark Theatres has announced that they will be the ones opening that six screen cinema. Landmark also announced the opening of a ten screen location at the upcoming Capitol Point project in NoMa. In fact, the Landmark Theatre at the Atlantic Plumbing Project will probably open first. There's already construction at 8th & V and its projected opening of late 2015 will happen roughly a year before Capitol Point's scheduled completion.
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