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The MARC Train is Nice, But What if D.C. Had a Super Train?

A fifteen minute train trip to Baltimore may arrive in the not-too-distant future courtesy of the Japanese government. They are so amped on their super speedy Super Maglev train that they are willing to loan the United States $4 billion to build the tracks, half of its projected cost. Currently, the Super Maglev is only operating on Japanese test tracks, but it's reaching speeds of 310 mph, which is 43 mph more than the already speedy (and already operational) Maglev trains can go. Suddenly, this makes news of the weekend MARC service pale in comparison. Ideally, a Super Maglev route may one day connect D.C. with Boston.
· Japan offers to lend US half the cost of 'Super Maglev' train between Washington and Baltimore [The Telegraph]