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Which Rental Building Has the Best Fitness Options?

We're doing something special with our first death match of 2014. In honor of Fitness Week over at our sister site, Racked DC, we looked at some of the fitness options inside D.C.'s rental facilities. Some have pretty extensive (or at least interesting) options and here are two of them. Welcome to Amenity Death Match: Flats at Atlas vs. Archstone First + M.

Flats at Atlas has no shortage of exercise options. The basketball gym inside the building (hey there, John Wall!) also gets turned into an exercise and yoga room for people who prefer the downward dog to a game of HORSE. There is a fitness center with cardio and weight options and an outdoor pool for when it's not twelve degrees outside. There's also a golf simulator, but that's pushing it in terms of fitness.

Although this NoMa building's musician-friendly amenities have already been noted, it's also a good spot for those who like to exercise. The Caliber Sports Club, not only has cardio and weight options, but it offers a breath of fresh air due to its green and leafy oxygen wall. During warmer seasons (so, NOT today), the rooftop pool is a great place to swim some laps and then relax afterwards.

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