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How Cove 14th Street Compares to Its Dupont Counterpart

[All photos by Rey Lopez]

Back in December, a company called Cove launched a productive space model wherein work-from-home and self-employed types without an office, could work in something resembling an office. Much like the Dupont location, the 14th Street Cove is on the second floor so that anyone who walks in (as opposed to reserving a space ahead of time) can sit at a bar and see the bustle of the neighborhood below. It also has a conference room, a printer/scanner/copier and a wealth of both coffee, tea and soft drink options. The sky blue and tangerine color scheme also carries over to 14th Street. However, there are a few subtle differences that made themselves apparent at the 14th Street location's opening party on Wednesday night. Admittedly the layout of tables and work spaces was a little bit altered for the opening event, but here are a few notable changes after the jump.

· The 14th Street Cove is larger. Actually, it's significantly larger. It's both wider and longer. As such, more tables.

· There are more private spaces in the back. That kind of goes along with the larger space, but still worth mentioning.

· The 14th Street Cove opted for exposed brick. The brick walls inside the Dupont Cove are painted white.

· The entire floor of the 14th Street Cove is carpeted. There are small carpeted spaces in the Dupont location, but there's also plenty of hardwood floor.

· It may have been moved, but the old historic wooden call box in the Dupont location (where one could take a seat and make private phone calls) was not replicated at the 14th Street location.
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