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Take a Look Inside The Apartments at CityCenter DC

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[All photos by Gerry Suchy]

As Mt. Vernon Square's behemoth six building complex CityCenter DC starts to take shape, people have started to move into the luxury condos and apartments. The Apartments at CityCenter DC now have 70 occupied spaces (there are 458 apartments between the two buildings) and have given Curbed a chance to look at some of the available spaces. One thing that has been noted often is how much light comes into the complex. Even the yoga studio behind the two-story fitness center is entirely encased in glass. There are even floor to ceiling windows by most of the elevators and internal terracing on multiple levels to give the glass towers a greener appeal. And no, the three bedroom 1800 square foot apartment that overlooks one of the internal courtyards has not yet been staged, but it already has a recess jack and is entirely prepared for an incoming flat screen television. Furthermore, a few of the more gritty touches (an intentionally sloped ceiling, an unfinished concrete wall, exposed ductwork) have been retained to give the large apartment a beautifully unpolished feel. Take a look at the photos of both that and the staged 1150 square foot two bedroom apartment in our photo gallery.
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