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Here Are the Highlights of the Georgetown 2028 Action Plan

[All images via Georgetown BID and PSWG]

Last year the Georgetown BID held lots of community meetings as they tried to distill their ideas for the future of the neighborhood into a distinct plan for the year 2028. The BID had a large, sprawling and impressive vision. Well, now the Georgetown 2028 Action Plan has been released which distills this vision into something more concrete. After the jump we've included the highlights of what will be tweaked, altered, renewed and completely changed about this old neighborhood on the water in 15 years.

· A Georgetown metro station, a streetcar AND a gondola to Rosslyn. Yes, all three.

· Making Georgetown bicycle friendly. In addition to improved parking for bikes, a cycle track and some more Bikeshare stations, there may also be a Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge to Roosevelt Island.

· The C&O Canal will be restored to a drastically improved and revitalized condition. Think educational programs and more importantly, a new canal barge!

· An improved system of signs. Sure, most of us can probably guess where the Waterfront is and where the neighborhood actually begins but soon the "guessing" portion will be eliminated.

· Improving pedestrian experience. Actually, it sounds like most of that plan is still under construction, but it also sounds like Georgetown is going to check on the effectiveness of parklets. Parklets are (usually) temporary spaces that can hold seats, green space and other pedestrian least until the platform on which they're located is removed.

· More retail and restaurant options on Wisconsin Avenue, K Street and M Street. Also, the plan includes revitalizing some of the old dilapidated facades on Wisconsin. Looking at you, old Georgetown Theater. Also, look for some liquor licenses to free up. Be sure to check our sister sites Eater DC and Racked DC as this Waterfront District starts to come alive.
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