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It's a New Years Day Downtown One Hundred One Years Ago

[Old Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress/New photo by Adam Fagen]

A search for some old D.C. New Year's photos led to this one from January 1st, 1913. Here in front of the sprawling Eisenhower Executive Office Building on 17th and Pennsylvania, formerly called the State, War and Navy Building we see a group of people gathered for President Taft's New Year's Day reception. The two men walking in the foreground are Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson and Chief of Staff of the Army Major General Leonard Wood. Since the building completed in 1888 in the French Second Empire-style is such an imposing structure, a modern photo of the behemoth has also been included above, which still does not quite do justice to how massive the building is. Take a few steps to the right on that next visit to the White House. Happy New Year, everyone!
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