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Fundrise's Latest Project: Revamping a Library's Old Space

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It's kind of hard to believe that the R.L. Christian Library is still standing. It hasn't been in use as a library since 2009 and though a muralist painted its exterior, it still looks like an abandoned anachronism on changing H Street NE, as if quietly sighing, "Yes, I'm still here." It may not be for much longer. The brothers of Miller of Fundrise/Popularise (or according to this Washington Post article, merely Rise) are seeking to purchase the parcel of land, and should the sale go through, they will crowdfund a new mixed used project on that corner with thirty apartments and retail. Perhaps it would remain true to the history of the place if one of the retail outlets was a bookstore but as with all Fundrise projects, the investors will ultimately have a say.
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Popularise Building

1351 H Street NE, Washington, DC