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Dell Honors Under Armour's Start; But Films Different House

How awesome that in computer company Dell's new commercial about the "Beginnings" of many of America's large new companies that they chose locally founded Under Armour as one of the companies to spotlight. Founder and former football player Kevin Plank (who now has his own house in Georgetown) famously ran the apparel company out of the basement of his grandmother's Georgetown rowhouse when he was first getting it off the ground. Here's the thing, the address that Dell names in the commercial (1406 35th Street NW) does not correspond with the rowhouse that they shoot for the ad. Oh, the inside might well be the same house, but the home shown in the ad shows a rounded exterior, a granite base and no adjacent houses, whereas Google Street View shows an entirely brick rowhouse with a different door and more rectangular edges. Perhaps they didn't get permission to shoot the real thing.
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