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This Can't Be Right: Van Ness Condo Asking $3,000?

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It's usually a good bet that listings like this have omitted a few zeroes before hitting "publish", but that doesn't make them any less funny. In this case, we're supposed to believe that a 1,160 square foot condo at the Parker House in Van Ness is asking $3,000. Riiiight. It was last sold in 2011 for $477,500 and Trulia estimates that it's currently worth $547,000. But why not believe that for the price of a cup of coffee (plus breakfast), that you'll be able to pay that monthly mortgage of $12 for this two bedroom space?
· 4700 Connecticut Avenue NW Apt. 306 [Zillow]
· 4700 Connecticut Avenue NW #306 [Trulia]