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Gawker Readers Form Unoriginal Opinion About H Street NE

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Anyone who has lived in D.C. long enough knows that comparisons to New York will never die. Anything from our cultural institutions to our transit systems and our housing market are bound to draw parallels to those of our neighbor to the not-too-distant north.

That said, Gawker readers, try harder.

In a poll designed to map "Hip America" the enormous website asked its readers from all over the English-speaking world to choose the neighborhoods of their own cities that best resembled hip Brooklyn 'hoods Williamsburg and Bushwick. The problem here is not that the questionable accuracy of this statement. It's not even that H Street NE won the title of "D.C.'s Williamsburg" with a whopping five votes or that Petworth won "D.C.'s Bushwick" with an unbelievable six votes. What's more annoying is the fact that we've heard this all before. The Morning News proclaimed H Street NE as D.C.'s Williamsburg last May. In their defense, they had called Columbia Heights our Bushwick. But still, perhaps it's time to find something new and different about our cities from which to draw similarities.
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