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Metro Complaints Abound, But D.C.'s Transit #4 in Country

In fact, the District is number four in the nation according to this ranking of Best U.S. Cities for Public Transit. With a Transit Score™ of 70, we fall only behind New York (always behind New York!), San Francisco and Boston. D.C. also has the best Transit Score™ among Southern Cities which prompts the debate of whether this is actually a southern city. As noted yesterday, we are famed for our southern efficiency!

A few of D.C.'s nabes even got a perfect Transit Score™. Unsurprisingly, those three neighborhoods are in the heart of downtown: Chinatown, Penn Quarter and Judiciary Square. Does anyone actually live in Judiciary Square? It's also worth noting that some neighborhoods with a subpar Walk Score®, such as Fort Totten and St. Elizabeth's, score much better (76 and 70 respectively) on the Transit Score™. The maps above also show the bus routes and illuminate which neighborhoods usually have a transit time of thirty minutes or less.
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St. Elizabeth's

1100 Alabama Avenue , Washington SE, DC