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Follies No More: Sixty-Nine Condos Coming to N Street

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[Renderings courtesy of Resmark]

It's official, the vacant N Street rowhouses south of Dupont Circle will become luxury condos. The four and five story homes that had once been tapped for a hotel just got the approval for conversion into N Street Condominiums from the Historic Preservation Review Board. The existing buildings (which will have a courtyard in between) will house thirty one condos and a new building will house an additional thirty-eight. The idea for a boutique hotel called the N Street Follies in that location had long been scrapped, at least in part because Dupont residents feared a hotel would negatively affect the nearby Tabard Inn (an essential D.C. landmark).

Look for construction to start this summer and finish by late 2015. Pricing for these condos is still pretty far away, but the smallest one bedroom units will be 650 square feet and the largest two bedroom condos will be 1720 square feet. Plus, with renovated historic properties, you know there will be cool details like exposed 19th century brick and fireplaces.
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