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It's Still Mercilessly Cold So Here's a Home With a Heated Pool

Oh look fine readers, another day where the high temperature is in the teens! Who else is excited?! Yeah, nobody except the snowy owls and the panda bears. Just think, at the beginning of the month it looked like the cold blast courtesy of the polar vortex was an isolated event. Now this winter feels like the all of the reasons that we avoided moving to Chicago and Boston (apologies to our colleagues in Chicago and Boston). So, here's a house that has the right idea: a heated pool and a hot tub. Yeah, high priced houses move off the market slowly and this six bedroom home in Spring Valley is asking $3.5 million. But again, on that half acre of land and just outside that 5210 square foot home, there are multiple fireplaces, a heated pool and a hot tub. Too bad the pool isn't indoors.
· 4935 Loughboro Road NW [Estately]