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How Much For a Terrace Level 1BR North of Dupont Circle?

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Introducing Pricespotter, the Curbed asking price guessing game. Here's how it works: we'll provide a few apartment details and photos and you'll make your guesses in the comments. Easy enough, right? We'll provide the answer later this week. Oh, one last thing: no cheating! Let's begin.

What/Where: 1 BR/1 BA on the terrace level of a condo building north of Dupont Circle
Square Feet: 653
Condo Fee: $310/month

The listing states that the seller is redoing the common areas. However, the only thing that actually sticks out as an eyesore in this cozy one bedroom is the floral print on everything. In fact, the stencil of the JFK quote about how "Washington is a city of southern efficiency and northern charm" adds to the apartment's character. The small windows in the common area don't provide much in the way of natural light, but the large window in the bedroom makes up for it. Also, the building will allow pets and has a place to store the bike. So, take a look at the gallery and place your guesses.