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A Peek Into the Future for the Hecht's Warehouse

[Before photo by Flickr user joseph a]

The more that Douglas Development reveals about its plans for the Hecht's Warehouse, the more intriguing the project. After a flirtation with turning the building into office space, they decided to turn the top four stories into apartments where the rent isn't too damn high. Go on. Then there was the announcement that one of the stores taking up the bottom floor would be a Mom's Organic Market and that above the market would be a parking garage that can potentially change to apartments at a later time if the parking lot goes more or less unused. Cool, right? Now, we have this fun cutout view giving a very vague idea as to what the historic building will look like once it's been converted into retail and 333 apartments. This indicates that they've found an architect. Have fun with the slider's addicting.
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