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What $1000 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

We've got an end of the week Curbed Comparisons for anyone seeking rentals for their budget and overall needs. The folks at Zumper found a few (but not many) apartments available at $1000/month (in addition to whatever group housing Craigslist has to offer.)

↑ $995 per month can rent you this one bedroom basement suite in a LeDroit Park rowhouse. The proximity to the neighborhood amenities for that price is enviable, but keep in mind that there's no washer or dryer in the apartment. Start looking for that nearby neighborhood laundromat. On the plus side, there's a small backyard and the walls and windows have been recently updated.

↑ Chances are, if you're looking to shell out the $985 per month for a one bedroom apartment, proximity to Randle Highlands Elementary School may not be a selling point. However, the 523 square foot apartment at Fairlawn Marshall is awesome! It's far more beautiful than its big brick box exterior would indicate. Everything from the kitchen appliances to the dining area hardwood floors to the bathroom fixtures looks new. The washer and dryer is in the building but not in the unit itself.

↑ This one bedroom in increasingly interesting Trinidad is available for $935 per month, but it appears rather cramped. Plus, the language that this apartment has an "enclosed porch which offers additional living space" is not terribly comforting. How much living space should one allocate to the porch?

↑ The two bedroom at Naylor Gardens is in a beautifully landscaped property that will be very close to the Skyland Wal-Mart. Of course the 778 square foot apartment could be crawling with roaches for all we know. For $990 a month, there probably aren't but there's no interior photography to speak of! None!