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It's the Metro Map, Super Mario Brothers Style!

Imagine if you got the maddening message if you exited the train at Greenbelt or Vienna that your Princess is in another castle. What if you needed to hop over one of the Hammer Brothers on your commute? Well conveniently, someone has already thought of all this and created this metro map in the style of Super Mario Brothers. Sure, all the turns are now magically at right angles and everything seems a little closer together, but nostalgia trips don't necessarily need accuracy! This is just one of the alternate maps of the city that Movoto has found. Some may look familiar, like the heat maps indicating takeout options or walkability, but there are also some new and different ones there as well. There are just no others that are based after video games from the 1990s.
· 20 Maps Of Washington, D.C. They Never Showed You In School [Movoto]