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Is This Person Really Charging $8K For a Parking Space?

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Yes, parking spaces can be hard to come by in the District. Regulations are already tough, condo buildings off U Street and Logan Circle are trying to go car-free and on the other end of the city, the streetcar will soon make H Street parking enforcement even more stringent. Plus, if you're looking for a space anywhere remotely near RFK Stadium (and NOT in Lot 8) for D.C. United games, you might as well forget it. Still, the sale of this Capitol Hill parking space for $8,000? That's just a wee bit on the ridiculous side. What's worse — this is the reduced price of this parking space. It had been listed at $9,000 and $11,000 before that. For some reason, nobody wanted to pay that kind of money for a parking space! Go figure! Considering that some drivers will avoid paying the $3 on Parkmobile just to get a free parking space five blocks away for two hours, the fact that this space is still on the market after nearly a year is hardly a shock.
· 308 13th Street SE Unit P-1 Washington, DC [Redfin]