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Will Fake Nostalgia Finally Sell This $16M Palisades Manse?

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Hey, remember when this seven bedroom home in the Palisades was the most expensive home on the market in the D.C. area? Probably not; it roared onto the market at $16,125,000 nearly two years ago. Well guess what? As is the case with many blockbuster asks, it's taking its sweet time leaving the market. What's more, the price only just now dropped to $15,997,000 on January 4th. The delay on the price chop is slightly perplexing, but what's even more so is the relatively new decision to lead the listing photos with this exterior shot that looks like it used Instagram's 1977 (or perhaps its Toaster) filter. The home overlooking Battery Kemble Park, one of D.C.'s most underrated green spaces, was only built in 2004, so this isn't actually a vintage photograph. Is this fake nostalgia supposed to help? Still, one does not get to be the third most expensive house on the market (the Patterson Mansion sale is still pending and the Williams-Addison House is asking roughly $800K more) without being a sight to behold. Go to the gallery for a look at the gorgeous exterior stone work, detached guest house and grand parlor that accompany these two weird exterior photos.
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