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Inside the Edmonds School Renovation: A Sneak Peek

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[All photos by R. Lopez]

In April 2013, the city found out that the Edmonds School, a historic D.C. school that closed in the 1990s would turn into a condo building within the next year. With the April 2014 delivery date for those condos quickly approaching, this past weekend's open house offered a look at the wide variety of options available in this renovated old building. See, none of the units have the same layout. The one that had been staged was a 1500 square foot two bedroom condo with a den. It's asking $889,900 and takes advantage of the grand windows being high off the ground to give the owner both light and privacy. Also, as far as fun design choices, there was a miniature couch at the island.

The building will also house small one bedrooms with terraces on the bottom floor (the only floor that can actually take advantage of patios or balconies due to the limitations of working with a historic structure), and duplex style one and two bedroom condos up top. In this late construction phase, it was possible to see the framing of the various condos. For example, in one of the duplex-style units, there was already a railing in place on the top floor over which one could peer and see the lower floor of the condo. Take a look at the gallery for photos of both the staged condo and the work that's still ongoing.
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