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Indian Grocery Store May Open in Former Club Chaos Space

Rano Singh has already leased the space that used to be occupied by popular gay bar, Club Chaos through 2008. She has even transformed the space from a club atmosphere into a light open area with wooden furniture and mosaic tiles covering the walls. However, her dream of bringing Pansaari, an Indian grocery store that offers cooking classes, a bookstore and a chai bar, now faces a huge setback in the form of construction costs. Singh states, "the costs of providing basic heating, ventilation, cooling, plumbing, and electric upgrades are far greater than my original estimate from a contractor." In fact, the quality of air conditioning in the space was a complaint even when Club Chaos was still open. Check out the gallery above for a look inside Pansaari and if you think the concept sounds like a welcome addition to the Dupont neighborhood, Singh's Kickstarter campaign can be found here.
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