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Announcing Your Curbed Cup 2013 Winner, Navy Yard!

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It's time to award our prestigious fake trophy to 2013's Neighborhood of the Year, Navy Yard! For the third year in a row, in fact the entire history of Curbed DC's Curbed Cup competition, the Cup has gone to a neighborhood from Southeast D.C. Both Navy Yard and Brookland had strong and vocal contingents, but after three days, over 4,100 votes (and, as of this posting, 70 comments), Navy Yard pulled out the victory with 52.7% of the vote. This is the closest competition that Navy Yard has faced in the duration of the tournament. Even after 24 hours had doubled the amount of votes cast in the competitive (and extremely close) Brookland vs. Anacostia semifinal. In fact, Brookland had the early lead in this contest, but if we could award an MVP for this match, it might have to be to Navy Yard's neighborhood commissioner David Garber. His Twitter account was the most active over the New Year in spurring Navy Yard residents to place their votes while still speaking highly of Brookland. Considering that Brookland didn't make it out of the first round of the 2012 Curbed Cup and Navy Yard wasn't even a part of last year's competition, both finalists should be proud. Now, Curbed DC is happy to present this beautiful graphic to the home of Nationals Park, The Yards, Canal Park Ice Rink, Bluejacket, Agua 301 and Osteria Morini. Congratulations, Navy Yard!
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