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Three Properties For Sale in Curbed Cup Winning Navy Yard

Congratulations once again to Navy Yard for winning the 2013 Curbed Cup. If you've been looking to move to this desirable nabe on the riverfront, these three properties are up for sale right now. None of them are over $650K.

This one bedroom at the Velocity condos is quite the colorful expanse. At an enormous 821 square feet, this condo on the 11th floor gives you a good view of Navy Yard...and the surrounding neighborhoods, as well. Ask is $439,700.

This two story, two bedroom townhouse may not look like much on the outside, but it's painted almost entirely orange-ish red inside.. And yes, the photo with the random person (contractor? neighbor? owner?) in the window will likely come back for our roundup of listing photo fails. Ask is just under $650,000.

↑ The subpar listing photos (Look! A shadow!) don't do justice to this 700 square foot one bedroom in the Canal Park condos. Like its neighbor at Velocity, this also has a fitness room, but there's also an indoor pool and hot tub here. Ask is $339,000.

Canal Park

200 M Street SE, Washington, DC 20003