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These Bloomingdale Houses Were Brand New in 1908

In a testament to how old many of the homes in D.C. can be, these Bloomingdale homes on V Street still exist. They were featured in this photo in the Washington Herald on March 29, 1908 where the caption states that they were planned by Albert H. Beers and built by Harry Wardman. Albert H. Beers designed a enough apartment buildings between 1905-1911 to merit a thesis paper from a University of Pennsylvania masters student studying historic preservation. Meanwhile, the name Wardman probably sounds familiar because many people in D.C. still live in Wardman-style rowhouses. The developer was that prolific. The homes are actually still standing today, although some have opted for a different paint job and at least one has removed the spire at the top. In 1908, the houses asked $4,500. One of these homes was sold in 2005 for $550K and Trulia estimates that it would go for over $600K if sold today.
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