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Private Parties, Live Video and More Capital Wheel Revelations

Shortly after this morning's announcement that the National Harbor would be gaining a 175 foot high observation wheel, the Capital Wheel, this spring, Milt and Jon Peterson of Peterson Companies and Prince George's County Executive Rushern L. Baker III revealed a few more exciting details about the new attraction on the pier. As if concessions courtesy of Wolfgang Puck wasn't exciting enough! Right now the only thing that visitors to National Harbor will see are construction workers placing the electrical infrastructure on the pier. But at about this time next month, vertical construction will start and the existing tent at the end of the pier will be demolished. Find out what else is in store for the Capital Wheel after the jump.

· Don't take that May 2014 opening date as gospel. The Petersons revealed that while they actually hope to open the Wheel on the last week of April, the harbor is susceptible to high winds and that could delay construction.

· The Capital Wheel can be reserved for private events. Just you and three hundred of your best buddies!

· There will likely be a camera mounted on a nearby building to monitor the construction. Coming up in a few months on Curbed DC: a time lapse video of the Capital Wheel's construction.

· During busier days at the wheel, guests may receive a time stamp. The ride itself is fifteen to twenty minutes and that may require a bit of a wait during prettier days. So one possibility is stamping the $15 ticket with the time of the ride so that patrons can shop or eat for thirty minutes until it's time to get into the gondola.

· The suspected annual tax revenue from the Capital Wheel is $1 million. It pays to be an entertainment destination.
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