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D.C.'s Smallest Studio Has Been Dethroned By CoHi Micro Unit

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Well, this 15th Street studio didn't get to hold the title of tiniest apartment on the market for very long. This bachelor efficiency at the Parkade in Columbia Heights is slightly smaller at 278 square feet. It's also significantly cheaper than 15th Street studio at $99,000. Here's the thing: there's no kitchen. There's a sink and a burner in the listing photos, but not so much as a refrigerator. So, basically, it's a bedroom. Hey, if you want to buy a half fridge and feel like a college freshman, that's certainly an option. What would be your pick, Curbed readers? Would you rather take the cheaper, smaller option in Columbia Heights with no kitchen or the slightly larger studio with a kitchen at roughly 2.5 times the price? We have a poll after the jump.

Poll results

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