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What $2500 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

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This week's Curbed Comparisons goes to the higher end of the spectrum. The folks at Zumper helped us figure out what was available to rent around D.C. for $2500 per month.

↑ For those who want to be particularly close to Nationals Park this two bedroom in Capitol Yards is quite the luxe option. It's 1251 square feet and there's a pool on the roof deck. There's also a parking garage should you need it and nearby Capital Bikeshare options if you don't.

↑ Right now this one bedroom in Boston House in Dupont isn't imaginatively decorated, but if you'd prefer to move into a fully furnished condo: this 750 square foot one is available. Don't bring the pets and if you're not willing to sign a 6 or 12 month lease, the price rises $100 from the $2400 per month.

This one bedroom at 425 Mass is 790 square feet, making it of comparable size to the Dupont option. Smokers need not apply to this complex: 425 Mass is a completely smoke free community. Rent is $2420 per month.

↑ There's not much that hasn't been said already about Monroe Street Market but for $2500 per month, you could pick up the largest available condo. If your living needs require a two bedroom with 1174 square feet of space, this is the place. Plus, there's the fitness center, the art walk and the forthcoming Busboys & Poets to look forward to.

Capitol Yards

70 I St SE, Washington, DC 20003