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Bohemia Manor Finally Sold at a Third of Original $13M Ask

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My, how the mighty have fallen. When this eleven bedroom colonial mansion on the Chesapeake Bay was featured as Curbed's House of the Day in 2010, its ask was just shy of $13 million. That's quite the hefty price, but the property also extends for a whopping 368 acres. What's more, this expanse of land upon which this mansion, Bohemia Manor, was built in 1935 was a gift to cartographer Augustine Herman for his work charting the Chesapeake Bay. Apparently, $13 million was too much to ask. The price was chopped to $9.85 million in 2011. Then, it dipped to $9.8 million in March 2013. But the final price at which it finally closed earlier this week: $3,775,000. That's quite a drop. Thanks to Kellsboro Jack for the tip.
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