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The Allen Lee Hotel Already Anticipating Georgetown Metro

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A Georgetown metro station might be a possibility in 2040 or even as early as 2028, but it's certainly not anything that's opening imminently. However, Washington Business Journal's Michael Neibauer tweeted a screen shot indicating that the Allen Lee Hotel in Foggy Bottom may be jumping the gun on that potential new metro stop. The hotel that has gained notoriety for creeping out George Washington University students has listed on the "Amenities" page on the website that it's near the Foggy Bottom and Georgetown metro stations. In fact, while the Foggy Bottom link on that Amenities page actually directs users to WMATA, the Georgetown link leads to the website for the Georgetown BID. Congratulations, Allen Lee Hotel, you're now on par with 1980s Hollywood filmmakers! Which is to say, it might be worth editing that page. Just getting rid of the "s" at the end of "stations" will do the trick. The screen shots above are our own, but we have Neibauer's tweet after the jump.

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