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700+ Cabs Will Go Temporarily Back to Their Cash Only Roots

[Photo by Dominic Campbell]

Thought the D.C. taxicabs' transition from cash only to credit card friendly was long since complete? Think again. Drivers' reports that they weren't seeing the results of their credit card fares has led to the D.C. Taxicab Commission to investigate and finally terminate Gleike, one of their credit card providers. As such, there are 700 cabs currently (and legally) without credit card readers. They may not be too upset about this. As late as December, a Curbed reporter ran into a cabbie who asked that the patron pay what they had in cash, which was three dollars short, gladly taking that over the full fare via credit card. That's insane. In the days before the credit card machines, that patron would have been making a quick trip to an ATM, no question. Feel free to comment on your own experience with cabs since the credit card transition. Did you also ran into drivers who said they weren't getting paid?
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