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Want the Smallest Apartment on the Market? That'll Be $250K

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There might be a smaller apartment for sale in D.C. than this 298 square foot studio in Shaw, but we haven't found it. It's not on Zillow. It's also smaller than this tiny studio in Dupont that UrbanTurf found four and a half years ago. It's significantly smaller than this skinny one room house where the bed was two feet away from the refrigerator. (It actually is a little larger than D.C.'s smallest home). In this case, it's the couch that's two feet away from the refrigerator, with the bed right behind it...pressed up against the window. The current resident (a renter, judging from the listing) actually seems to be doing well with what they have, and put the flat screen television in the window. Smart move. On the plus side, there appears to be a couple of closets and the apartment itself is nicely furnished with bamboo floors and granite countertops. Hey, appreciate the small victories. Ask for this minuscule studio is $249,500.
· 1822 15th Street NW Apt. 205 [Zillow]