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Cool Views From the Washington Monument in the 1960s

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It's been a few years since anyone's been able to visit the interior of the Washington Monument and have a good look from the top, but have no fear, D.C. visitors and intrepid photographers, that option will be available again soon enough. Until then, here are some views from the monument from 1965 and 1968 to hold you over. Here are a couple of interesting notes about these views across the Potomac. In the gallery's second photo, the brick residential buildings that comprise Arlington Towers, now called River Place are much more prominent in the skyline. There are a few office buildings, but today, River Places is utterly dwarfed by the nearby glass skyscrapers. Also, of interest in photos three and four are the temporary Army and Navy buildings to the north of the Reflecting Pool. They were demolished in 1970, so take a good look at the building that the Army occupied before the 1943 opening of the Pentagon.
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Washington Monument

100 15th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 800 967 2283

Francis Scott Key Bridge

Key Bridge, Washington, DC 20016

Lincoln Memorial

National Mall, Washington, DC 20024