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Gilbert Arenas Cuts Price on Home to Under $3 Million

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Now that NBA star Gilbert Arenas is playing ball in China, he's trying to sell his 9,042 square foot home in Great Falls, VA. This is turning out to be a difficult endeavor as the former Washington Wizard has now slashed the price for the second time since putting it on the market at $3.5 million back in June. He had cut the price down to $3.25 million a month ago, but as of yesterday, he is now asking $2,998,000 for the seven bedroom mansion. Suddenly, his nickname of Agent Zero has taken on a whole new meaning as that's how many photos are available of the interior of the house. Anyone who wants a look inside will have to go to the open house on Sunday at 1:00 p.m.
· 10919 Georgetown Pike Great Falls, VA [Redfin]