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To Which Quadrant Would You Go for the 1BR of Your Dreams?

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Welcome to your late afternoon Real Estate Death Match. The Woodley Park apartment won a decisive victory last week, but the Columbia Heights contender at the Copperfield put up a a good fight. This week, our one bedroom condo battle rages on as we look at spots for under $360K in two different parts of D.C. Here's this week's Real Estate Death Match: Cathedral Heights vs. Hill East Edition!

? Address: 2801 New Mexico Avenue NW #702
Price: $349,000
Square Feet: 724
Beds, Baths: 1/1

The decorative style of the current tenant is a bit on the old-fashioned side, but the bones are there for this Cathedral Heights condo. It's got a balcony, plenty of space and a building that includes a heated outdoor pool, a beauty salon and an exercise room. Plus, you'll be able to bring your pets and the washer/dryer unit in the bathroom is decidedly nicer than most.

? Address: 245 15th Street SE #205
Price: $358,900
Square Feet: Unknown
Beds, Baths: 1/1

Where the Cathedral Heights condo goes for old-fashioned charm, the condo from Hill East has a more modern appeal. The bathroom has a spa bath, for one thing and there's a comfortable rooftop lounge area. Furthermore, the condo near two metro stops already comes with an installed surround sound system.

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