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Wildly Luxe Condo Alert: Georgetown Penthouse Asks $5.2M

A few weeks ago, many of the most expensive new listings asked under $3 million, save an enormous $5.7 million 7 bedroom home. Enter this exorbitant Georgetown condo whose $5.2 million price tag makes all these fancy homes look less intense by comparison. The duplex penthouse of Wormley Condominiums (a converted school) is a 5000 square foot four bedroom behemoth. There are chandeliers and other delicate light structures all over the abode and the soaking tub in the bathroom looks pretty luxurious. Also, the owner will have access to a two car garage. Then again, this is in Georgetown where even a fairly beat-up fixer upper can ask $3.3 million.
· 3329 Prospect Street NW Unit 7 [Estately]