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Wow, Now We Really Have Found the Narrowest Home in D.C.

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We thought this Capitol Hill home that we found this morning might be the narrowest house in D.C. Well, it's not, but we think this Georgetown spot might be. Widely (ha!) claimed to be D.C.'s skinniest home, this one bedroom P Street residence can't be more than 8 or 9 feet wide and as such, has gained the reputation for being a spite house. Regardless of its' inhabitants inability to host sumo wrestlers or claustrophobic people, this narrow place is occupied. It was purchased in 2008 for $535K even though the buyer reportedly had to remove the window to move in the furniture. Still, neither this one nor this morning's find can hold a candle to the Hollensbury Spite House in Alexandria, which at 7 feet wide, may be the narrowest home in the country. Thanks to Lynn Berenbaum for the tip.
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