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Awesome Bros Seek Nice Smelling Roomie for $580/Month

"If you like Piña Coladas" and living in the armpit of Northern Virginia, Clarendon, this five bedroom house has a spot open for you. A cheap $580/month gets you a room in a house with "3 dudes and one lady." The roommates are "low-key during the week" (even the "broing out" must not be too intense) but come the weekend they will "act a fool." They must have put this post up on a weekend then, because how else do you explain the stock photo of three penguins at the top of the page? Like most CList posts, there are some prerequisites and these are particularly stupid because bros are the worst. For example, "do you smell bad or look like you may smell bad?" Are you interested in "boats and hoes"? Are you just as awesome as the poster believes himself to be? Apply away! Just make sure you aren't "weird as f**k." Also, no "winkie" pictures.
· $580 If you Like Pina Coladas and Getting Caught in the Rain... [Craigslist]
Rohan Mahadevan