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How Often Are $3.3 Million Homes Sold "As Is"?

It's no stretch to believe that there's a $3.3 million house for sale in Georgetown. Conversely, it's easy to imagine that a house built in 1900 might go on the market "as is" and need some fixing up. But usually, houses that have been visibly beat up a bit don't then ask $3.3 million. Yeah, this is a five bedroom home with a two car garage, fireplaces and chandeliers in several of the naturally well-lit bedrooms. That said, the wooden floors in every room are obviously scratched up, the exterior brick looks a wee bit shabby and the kitchen looks like it could use an updated design if not a complete renovation. Still, nothing beats the dirt/water stains courtesy on the bottom of the back facade. Imagine what it will be worth when it's been cleaned up!
· 3107 Dumbarton Street NW [Estately]