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What $800 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

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We went with another relatively low number with this edition of Curbed Comparisons. Here's what $800/month can rent you around D.C.

? This rental seems almost too good to be true. The furniture is a little dated but it's a fully furnished 750 square foot condo in Dupont Circle for $800/month in Dupont Circle. Is this the best deal on rent in the city?

? If the Dupont apartment isn't the best rental deal in the city, this English basement in Eckington probably is. The 1200 square foot space with a renovated kitchen and a private rear garden is going for a mere $780/month. Too bad they closed up the fireplace.

? This one bedroom Anacostia pad is decidedly a no-frills living situation. Then again, it's rare that any unfurnished house looks terribly exciting in listing photos. The 700 square foot apartment is available for $750/month, but this isn't the part of Anacostia that's terribly close to the metro or much else (yet).

? This one bedroom off of Benning Road is a little bit farther out from where the new streetcar will end, but the neighborhood will likely still see the effects of the incoming mode of transit. The 650 square foot apartment in a new community called Victory Square has a nice roof deck, fitness center, library and beauty salon! Here's the catch: Victory Square is a building for people who are 55 and older. Millenials should look elsewhere.